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REA associates are hands-on polymer industry specialists who have:


Robert Eller has twenty-five years of experience consulting with plastics and rubber industry management on product development, new product introduction, market entry strategy, acquisitions, marketing, and management decision making in the plastics and elastomer industries. His prior consulting experience includes fifteen years at Arthur D. Little Inc. in the U.S. and Europe and eight years establishing and directing the automotive plastics and elastomer consulting practice at another international consulting firm.  He formerly worked in polypropylene resin, compound, and product development for Exxon Chemical.

He has directed numerous studies in the U.S., Europe, and Japan of markets, manufacturing technologies, materials, and manufacturing economics for a wide range of TPEs, plastic and elastomeric materials, and fabricated products.  His previous management experience includes two and one-half years as General Manager of Multibase, a compounder of polyolefin compounds.

Mr. Eller is a graduate of M.I.T. (Chemical Engineering/Polymer Science) and has an M.S. in Chemical Engineering/Polymer Science from Brooklyn Polytechnic in New York City.  He has extensive experience in the European and Japanese polymer industries and speaks French, Spanish, and Hungarian.  He holds four U.S. patents in polymer processing, is active in SAE, SPE, and the SPI, and has published over thirty papers on the technology and business of plastics and elastomers.

Margaret Baumann: B.S. Chemistry Chestnut Hill College; MBA from Northwestern University. Expert in plastics markets and distribution.


Jean-Francois Silvestre directs REA’s operations in Europe.  He has worked for a number of multinational corporations including General Electric, Solvay, Ferro and DuPont.  He also served as Managing Director for 3D Systems’ prototype tooling operations in Europe.  He formerly served as Deputy General Manager of Multibase’s compounding operations in France.  While at General Electric he was responsible for the development of several applications of engineering plastics in the automotive sector.

He is one of the authors of REA’s automotive interior soft trim multiclient study and has completed a number of studies for REA European clients in the automotive sector in interior and under the hood applications. He has also been involved in a number of acquisition analyses for REA clients in the automotive sector. 

M. Silvestre is fluent in French and English.  He has served as the President of the French Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers. 


Roger Young was formerly employed by Dow Chemical where he had a number of notable successes, including: 


- The introduction and development of low gloss ABS grades into the automotive market

-  Directed development and positioning of Isoplast

-  Directed early stage development of Questra

-  Management of the development of Pulse.

  Mr. Young is a 1973 graduate of Lafayette College with a B.S. in Chemistry.  After graduation, he went to work with for the Dow Chemical Company.  He developed the functional values program that has significantly enhanced Dow understanding and positioning of new products and new technology into the marketplace.  He is the author of over fifteen papers involving plastics and plastics processing technology as well as teaching Modern Plastics Magazine "Business of Plastics" course for several years.  Mr. Young has been associated with REA since 1994. 

REA, Inc. is pleased to have affiliates in China, Japan, France, Italy, Spain and Brazil working with us.

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